November 12, 2009

Past Days


Here are some shots from the past, they were great days on small streams and rivers with many whom influenced my style of fishing here in the mountains.

BluelineGeorge 012

Fishing some special one piece bamboo rods made by RL King of Bristol Tennessee on Clarks Creek in Greene County. What a day catching wild bows on dry flies.

DanMeJim copy

My first ever clients after I hung my shingle out as a professional guide. They are brothers Jim and Dan Seals. Jim is one half of the famous duo “Seals and Croft”. Dan was one half of the seventies pop group “England Dan and John Ford Coley” and later he had a solo career as country singer Dan Seals. We lost Dan to his battle with cancer this past spring. I will always remember him standing in the middle of a cool running tailwater fishing dries to rising fish and turning circles trying to figure out which fish to throw his fly to. What a way to start your business.


My good friend David fishing Stoney Creek. We used to fish together often, but each of our careers and families have not given us much time to fish together. Sometimes those things happen, but when we do get to fish it is a memorable day.

The one that got away

A float trip with my good friend and fellow guide Nes Levotch with some guys from the Bluegrass Trout Unlimited group of Lexington, Kentucky. It was a really good day on the Watauga, lots of nice fish. Nes telling us of the one the big one.

Charlotte Fly Show 004

My first fly fishing show in Charlotte, North Carolina. Man what a weekend, I don’t think I have ever talked to so many people in my life. Thanks to all who came that weekend.

Fall PFF 017

A trip to the Nantahalla for my first Fall PFF, the PFF stands for “Psycho Fly Fisher” which I am pleased to call myself a very proud member of this group of misfits. In this picutre are two very good buds, Billres and Croaker. You won’t see one without the other, some fine southern Georgia gentleman.


Here is another great friend, George Grant. He just finished a bamboo rod he built for the tailwaters and wanted to go to the South Holston to test it out. We went to the Rockhold area of the river and I believe this rod has the mojo. He spent an hour working this fish who was sipping flies from the surface and just as the rain and sunset was falling he took George’s fly.

Well enough for today, back to the tying bench, getting ready fro some upcoming trips.



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