July 9, 2010

Great day on the Watauga

Had a great day on the Watauga with a soldier and his father. Derek was traveling to his next assignment with his father and they called me to take them fishing as they passed through the area. I want to thank this young man for his service to our country. His father can be proud that his son is a fine person.

Can you say terrestrials. They were munching hard all down the river.


Don’t you just love the topwater bite with dry flies and terrestrials.

November 9, 2009

Fall and Early Winter



Yes our recent Fall and early Winter float trips on the Watauga and South Hoslton Tailwaters have been very successful. We are having great weather and catching some nice rainbows and browns coming to the wooden drift boat. Most of our success has come from deep nymphing techniques with various offerings from Copper Johns, Prince Nymphs, Pheasant Tails, San Juan worms and midge pupa. On the South Holston Tailwater it also doesn’t hurt to be throwing streamers on the banks. There is nothing like placing your cast right in that spot and as you make the first strip you feel the line tighten up and then the head shake as you set the hook. Then the fight is on as you fly rod loads up. Fighting this fish for what seems like eternity and then the sigh of relief as he slides into the net. If this is your type of fishing give us a call or contact us through our email link.


As we make the transition into Winter midge fishing you can swing small soft hackle flies to bulge rising fish as they feed on the midges rising to the surface to hatch. You make a down and across cast and start doing short two inch strips of the fly as it swing through the pod of fish. When you see the hard boil and see your fly line twitch you do a sweeping hook set and then fight some nice fish on fine 6x and 7x tippet. When the fish is landed in the custom wooden net you feel the relief that you fought the battle and won with those legendary South Holston Tailwater double PHD’ed rainbows and browns.


If you would like experience these types of float trips, give as a shout and book yourself a great day on either the Watauga or South Holston Tailwaters.



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