February 27, 2012

Great Weekend of fellowship and tying

I just had a great weekend of fellowship and fly tying. This past Saturday I drove out to the Cumberland Transit Shop in Nashville, Tennessee to have a day of fellowship and give a presentation on what East Tennessee has to offer to anglers coming to the Tri-Cities. When you are in Nashville be sure to stop by and see Ronnie (aka Grumpy) or Leo, the whole shop is great and these guys are the best. I appreciate the hospitality and talking fishing with all of the good folks who came to the shop.
Cumberland Transit


Then Sunday morning I drove down to Asheville, North Carolina to participate in the Southern Culture on the Fly “Tie – one –  on – athon” benefiting Project Healing Waters. Many great tiers from all over the southeast came together for a day of tying, excellent food, fun and fellowship. We tied plenty of flies that will be sold in in the area shops with all proceeds going to support Project Healing Waters. Time to get all my tying gear back on my tying bench and get ready for some good float trips this week.


Mark your calendars for this coming Thursday March 1st, I will be speaking at the Northern Kentucky Fly Fishers meeting. I hope you can make it.

If you haven’t got your date set for the Caddis Hatch on the Watauga Tailwater near Elizabethton, Tennessee, give me a call and get your date on the calendar. The dates are filling fast and I don’t want you to miss out on this. We are seeing more caddis cases on the rocks than we have seen in many years so we are expecting a great hatch this year.

Have a great week and if you get out to fish, may you have tight lines and heavy nets.

February 5, 2012

Matching fly line to weight of flies

My good friend Mr. Bob Clouser and the folks at Temple Fork Outfitters have put together a chart to help you understand what fly lines to use compared to the weight of the flies you will be throwing. This has been very helpful in matching the various techniques we sue in guiding, making the rigs we use very easy and accurate to cast. Hope this helps you understand how to rig your current rods, but also to help you with any additional rods you might be considering to purchase for new ways to fish.


We must understand that a fly line is used to move weight forward to the end of the cast, whether it be a hook, small dry fly or a heavy weighted streamer or nymph.
Fly lines are measured in weight by grains and this grain weight is used to move weight forward. For example; a 5 weight fly line weighing 140 grains is not capable of pulling the same weight thru the cast as a 210 grain 8 weight does. There are many variables to consider while casting such as wide open loops, chuck and duck, over powering or lobbing.
This chart is designed upon the ease of the cast plus normal tight loops that will cut the wind with ease. An oval back cast along with the use of the body is a must when casting weighted flies.

We will start with a 5 weight fly line, anything under that is specially designed to cast small light flies and is not suited for any type of weighted fly.

Lead Eye Weights most suitable for these line weights.
Line Ounce of weight
5 weight = 1/120, 1/80, 1/50
6 weight = 1/120, 1/80, 1/50
7 weight = 1/120, 1/80, 1/50
8 weight = 1/120, 1,80, 1/50, 1/30
9 weight = 1/120, 1/80, 1/50, 1/30, 1/24
10 weight =1/120, 1/80, 1/50, 1/30, 1/24

The above listing of course is not written in stone but if the formula is followed, long easy casts can be made. In many instances a heavier eye weight than listed can be used but it will test the caster and the capability of the rod and line.

Note” The above suggestion for choosing the right weight a fly line can move forward with ease has it variations of course, most variations comes with the style of casting being used. The most proficient style developed by Lefty Kreh where the body is involved in the cast will make casting weight more efficient.
Bob Clouser


randy bob bass LR

February 28, 2011

Watauga Caddis Hatch soon!!!!!!!

Well it is that time of year and the Watauga Tailwater Caddis Hatch is just around the corner. My dates are filling fast for late March, April and early May. Give me a call or send me an email to make sure you get your day on the Watauga Tailwater for this truly exciting hatch. Looking forward to hear from all of you.



January 8, 2010

Record cold and more snow

We are tying a record today for seven consecutive days below freezing, tomorrow will break the record and Sunday will set a new one. We are not supposed to get above freezing until Monday and then gradually warm up next week into the mid to upper forties by the end of the week. YOHOOO a heat wave coming. The TVA is also slowing down on generation so we can wade possibly next week.

The raft sits comfortably under its cover and snow


The Hyde exposed to the elements


The wooden driftboat snug in the warm garage




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