September 1, 2010

This has been an excellent week

This week started off on the Holston Proper for smallies with the managing editor of Turkey Country magazine for the National Wild Turkey Federation. It was a hot day with bluebird skies. The fish were active early in the day, then when the sun got high in the sky they really slowed down. Then as the shadows grew long with the late afternoon sun the bite came back alive. There is nothing like a big river smallie from the Holston Proper tugging on your line. Here are a few shots from the day.



Then it was floating the Watauga, the TVA has started earlier morning generations and it has changed the way we have to fish, put on early and come of mid afternoon. It was nymphs until noon and then the Cranflies and BWO’s until the river came up from generation.



Yesterday was the South Holston on high water. The TVA is generating at least 12 hours a day now, so it is long floats down the South Holston using big stuff. A long time client and friend, Jerry from Statesville, North Carolina, had a memory filled day. He and his son Adam waded before the water came up and caught a bunch of fish using the Zebra Midge before getting in the boat. This was the first float down the South Holston for my new Clackacraft driftboat. We nymphed along the soft seams and got a couple of doubles before going to the big stuff. It was an exceptional day with some great fish brought to the net. Check out the pictures to see just how good the day was.




August 18, 2010

Smallies are hitting the top

Had a great float on the Holston Proper. The topwater bite on a Gartside Gurgler was on the money. Plenty of grass in the river and floating around, but the fish were feeding well. Got to love the explosion as the fly hits the water.


August 15, 2010

The Watauga is fishing very well

This week has been excellent with trips on both the Watauga Tailwater in Elizabethton and the South Holston Tailwater near Bristol. The Watauga has some really good hatches coming off from late morning through the evening and the fish are feeding very aggressively on them. There are Craneflies, tan and cream Midges, Flying Ants, Sweatbees, and still some sulphurs. It is so cool for the clients to watch these fish come to the surface  attack their fly. Here are some pictures to show the week we have had.



This was a cool double on the Watauga, both father and son threw into the rising fish in unison, having both fish strike as the fly hit the water and landed the double to make this memory filled picture.



Don’t forget about booking your private water trip to Southwest Virginia to go after some of those once in a lifetime memories. Here are some fish from previous trips.



Tightlines and wet nets!!!

August 6, 2010

East Tennessee tailwaters, AWESOME!!!!!!

What an excellent week for fishing on the East Tennessee tailwaters. The Watuaga is getting low and clear, typical summer water, but the fishing was good. I took Reba and Todd B. on Reba’s birthday float. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Reba. She had an excellent day of fishing along with learning more about the river system so when she and Todd float their raft they can have better results on the Watauga Tailwater.



Then there was a fishing school for Aarron F. He wanted to take up the sport of fly fishing so we went to the South Holston for casting, knot, water reading and then catching a few fish. He was amazed at the amount of fish in the water around him taking the sulphurs and blackflies off the surface. He is going to ETSU full time and needed some way to relax and get his mind off things and fly fishing is just the sport for that.

I had father and son Carl and Ethan E. on the South Holston. Ethan is a beginner to fly fishing but took to it quickly. His father has spent considerable time fly fishing around the world and I feel Ethan will be going with him from now on. The South Holston gave up plenty of those beautiful butter belly browns to their fly imitations. It was great to see their smiles as they caught those browns on nymphs and sulphur dries during the high water float trip.





This has been and incredible summer of fishing, but it is still not over. Give ma a call and lets go fishing like these folks did.

August 1, 2010

Another great week on the South Holston and Watauga Tailwaters

The weather is hot and the fishing is good. This week was a fun week to take folks on their trips. The TVA is back to afternoon generation and the sulphurs are coming off really thick during high water. The South Holston browns are feeding hard on the sulphurs and sometimes it is so hard to pick out your fly among all the naturals.


Here is a shot of all the sulphurs floating on the river, truly incredible.


I had a fun day on the Watauga Tailwater with newcomers Scott and his son Cameron. They were new to fly fishing and took to the cast and catching very quick. I enjoy seeing the smiles on the beginners faces as they get the bite, fight the fish, then to the net for the grip-n-grin shot.




Then it was a couple of clients on a return trip down the Watauga Tailwater. Bob and Anthony are good friends who enjoy fishing together on the mountain streams of East Tennessee and Western North Carolina. Anthony played college football at Ohio State in the early eighties. He was a nose guard and his last game was the 1985 Rose Bowl.


Well lets go float the South Holston on the afternoon generation and see if those native browns are ready to take one of my flies for a meal.

July 27, 2010

A great day on the South Holston

It was a great day on the South Holston with a new clent who brought a old client/friend along. Trip S. called and set up a trip based on a recommendation from TJ Roy, the manager of the Orvis store in Charlotte, North Carolina. He told me he was bringing one of his friends named Adam. When they pulled into the meeting place it was Adam M. from Raleigh, I have done several trips with him and his wife. We started the morning floating the lower South Holston and then after lunch waded the upper stretches of the river near the Weir labyrinth. It was great to watch these guys work the water getting those beautiful browns and rainbows to the net. There was a sulphur hatch where we were from about 1:30 pm until 5:00 pm. The guys caught fish on many different techniques from deep nymphing, midge dries, soft hackles and finished the day with sulphur dries. It a great day with a new and old client.

Here is the email that Trip S. sent after the trip:

I have been out with my fair share of guides in and around North Carolina and Tennessee.  I can honestly say I have never learned more, had more experiences on the water, caught more fish, laughed more, or had a better time than with you today.  I really appreciate your knowledge and ability to teach and coach,  Today was a truly memorable day and I look forward to many more.

Best Regards,
Trip S.
Director of Sales
Greater Media Charlotte
One Julian Price Place
Charlotte, NC 28208
(704) 374-3596

Here is a few pictures from the day.



July 24, 2010

Fishing as hot as the weather

The fishing on the South Holston and Watauga Tailwaters in East Tennessee is as hot as the weather. The sulphurs are coming off so thick that it is like a blanket on the river surface. The fish are in a feeding frenzy and you can tell how much they are eating by the bulge in their belly. It is so cool to watch the brown stage up and take aim on your fly, the anticipation is intense and you hope you don’t pull it from their mouth before the brown inhales it. The fog is on the river during the early morning keeping the temperatures in a manageable zone, but once the sun burns the fog off it gets hot. But with the way the river is fishing, you don’t pay much attention because your focus is on your fly and the rising fish.







So give me a call and lets get you out there catching a few of those beautiful browns as they sip those sulphurs on the South Holston Tailwater. Don’t forget about the smallies on the Holston Proper or Pigeon River. The topwater action is in full swing so get your trip scheduled now.

Stay tuned for more reports as I fish for smallies this coming week.

July 18, 2010

Getting newbies addicted to the sport

I had Keith, his brother Chris, and Chris’ sons Matt and Josh on the Watauga fly fishing for trout. Matt was so excited to go he hadn’t slept in two days. It was fun watching them catch fish and getting more addicted to the sport. The day started out great catching fish on the first couple of casts right at the boat ramp.


The day was comfortable temperature wise and the weather guessers missed the forecast again. It was cloudy most of the day and the fish were biting very well. Split Case and Miracle nymph were the best flies, the dry fly and terrestrial bite never materialized today.



I have been blessed to meet so many great folks in my career as a guide and these guys were no exception. To watch the excitement as they get the bite and fight the fish makes your day so enjoyable. I truly enjoyed the day and look forward to taking them fishing again.

As the sign I saw in Beaufort, South Carolina said, “the is no chance of snow in the forecast for the next 72 hours”, so lets go fishing.

Give me a call or email and come fish to great tailwaters or mountain streams of East Tennessee, Western North Carolina, or Southwest Virginia.

July 15, 2010

A different kind of day on a warmwater river

Today was a different kind of day on one of East Tennessee’s best warmwater rivers, the Pigeon River. The clients caught some nice walleye, largemouth and smallmouth bass, and lots of  redbreast sunfish. It was a bluebird sky kind of day and the river was stained from the recent rains, but the fishing was excellent. The walleye were firsts for Paul and John, a couple of cousins from Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. It was great to be able to talk about home, as this is where my Mothers side of the family is from, and where I spent my summers helping the family with the tobacco farms. It was hard work but there are many memories to go along with it.

Back to fishing, here is a pictorial on some of the catches from today.






If you are vacationing near Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, or Sevierville, give me a call and get yourself booked on a float down the wonderful Pigeon River.

July 9, 2010

Great day on the Watauga

Had a great day on the Watauga with a soldier and his father. Derek was traveling to his next assignment with his father and they called me to take them fishing as they passed through the area. I want to thank this young man for his service to our country. His father can be proud that his son is a fine person.

Can you say terrestrials. They were munching hard all down the river.


Don’t you just love the topwater bite with dry flies and terrestrials.

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