April 22, 2012

An exceptional week of fishing

It has been a exceptional week of fishing here in East Tennessee. The weather has been up and down, cold rain and only in the fifties one day, then bright bluebird sunny days and near eighty the next. That hasn’t affected the fishing at all, the smallies on the Holston Proper as well as the trout on the Watauga and South Holston don’t seem to mind the big weather swings. They are hungry and the bugs are coming off good, so they have plenty of food source to feed up on. The Holston Proper was hatching caddis, white mayflies, and hendricksons. The smallies were in a feeding frenzy going after all those bugs. Poppers were the right fly when they were sipping bugs on the surface, they would put a good bend in the TFO Clouser Series 6wts. Here is Linda Heller with a good one taken on a chartreuse popper.


The wind picked up some as the weather was changing so we went to Clouser Minnows. The feeding activity was very good under the surface on the new style Clouser Minnows that Mr. Bob Clouser brought along on this trip. He spent three days floating with me testing some new designs that you will be able to purchase through his website. They are made with new synthetic materials with plenty of flash and movement to mimic dying minnows. Even the smaller fish were hitting it with a vengeance.


The fish were taking these new flies very well. The primary colors that Mr. Clouser was using were called Walleye and Baby Bass. Watching Bob and Linda work these flies was such a treat for me. It was all about keeping it moving and accuracy on casting the flies to the proper spot, no matter if it was on a backhand or forward cast.





Bob Clouser and Linda Heller also enjoyed a day floating the Watauga fishing streamers for the big ones, it was a fun day. The sun was little to bright for the big boys to come out and play, but it had been 7 seven or eight years since they both last fished the Watauga so it was a great day of remembering the fish stories from the past.



The week finished out on the Watauga with caddis popping off and getting some great fishing on dry and dropper rigs with a tan caddis and blood midge droppers. A couple of great guys from northern Georgia enjoyed a fun day floating the Watauga.


Now the weather folks are calling for snow tonight and Monday with heavy winds, so its off to the tying bench to get more Clouser Minnows and trout flies tied up to get ready for the busy next few weeks with clients.

Be sure to check out my Troutfishers videos on Youtube. I will be uploading some new ones this week showing Bob Clouser fighting some nice smallies on the Holston Proper.



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